Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nokia Alami Kerugian di Q2 dan Q3 Tahun 2011

After the position had reportedly been taken over by Samsung in Europe some time ago. Now, tilt the news again went to the Finnish mobile phone vendor, Nokia.

According to the poll results as reported by Reuters, said that Nokia expected to report losses in the second quarter (Q2) and the next quarter (Q3), as a result of the policy of cutting prices in order to prevent more customers flee to the smartphone competitors.

As is known the presence of Nokia in cross-platform competitors, like Apple-iPhone, the Google-Android and RIM-BlackBerry is a major causative factor tergerusnya Nokia handset sales in the segment above. Not only that, in the lower segment of the presence of low-end Nokia phones have been blocked by various brands of mobile phones from China.

An analyst, Pierre Bernstein, in his report said that this announcement confirms our view that the Nokia brand is at risk of losing the visibility and the opportunity to make a third of ecosystem-based Windows Phone rapidly disappearing.



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