Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HP Hadirkan Ponsel & Tablet ‘Dompet Digital’ Akhir Tahun Ini

The presence of features of near field communication (NFC) in the smartphone inspired many vendors to refine the technological gadgets that can be used as a 'digital wallet' is.
Call Hewlett Packard (HP), PC vendors who later participated in the business of mobile devices nyemplung is reportedly working on cell phones and tablet PCs to support near-field communication technology for mobile payments.
Such as Google Wallet features that will glide for Nexus S and finally available also for other Android devices. HP expects its customers will eventually use the product creation to make a purchase mobile digerai-outlets that support for these technologies.
Not quite up there, HP also has plans to create a ekositem where users will be able to receive coupons or other benefits.
Quoting sources as reported by BusinessWeek, it was reported that the latest gadget from HP featured the NFC is going to be launched later this year.



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