Monday, August 8, 2011

Samsung Dart, Ponsel Android Murah untuk Jaringan T-Mobile

It can be seen in the latest Android phone called Samsung Dart. Cell phones are emerging lately said to be the Galaxy's mini treats and powered 600 MHz processor based QVGA screen.

Unfortunately the detailed specifications of the Samsung Dart, yet to be revealed for now.

Even so, given previous rumors as reported pocketnow, said that the specifications of this phone is intended for small-sized cell phone, so that the phone can be priced at a fairly cheap as well. And according to the roadmap shown that T-Mobile Samsung Dart was present as a device sitting on a prepaid T-Mobile.

At first glance this phone is similar to the Galaxy Mini, but there are some differences that exist between the two. Where Samsung Dart would be present with capacitive Android has four buttons below the screen.

Samsung Dart likely to be released for T-Mobile on June 15, 2011. So to get more information we just wait on the game later.



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