Thursday, August 4, 2011

Samsung Display AMOLED 2012

Samsung Display AMOLED  2012

To achieve these objectives, the Samsung was quoted as saying PULSAonline via techspot, rumored to have made a join venture with Ube Kosan, a Japanese company that can supply the plastic substrate material needs.

Not only that, Samsung also will increase production capacity from its AMOLED panel is. That recall, the Samsung S Galaxy III has been speculated to be adopted as a flagship feature of this panel.

One of the advantages of this new AMOLED displays are to be treated like a piece of paper that can be bent or rolled. Although this is part of the new technology, but the Samsung has done enough testing to ensure that these displays can be used by consumers every day.

Last month, researchers Samsung has designed and developed an AMOLED display prototype that can be folded. Mechanical resistance and optical test screen by making folds up to 100,000 times. From the test screen brightness level is only reduced only 6%, which is almost invisible to the eye. While the level of damage can be considered negligible.



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