Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sengketa Paten, Apple Wajib Bayar Royalti kepada Nokia

Nokia and Apple recently announced the signing of a patent license agreement between the two. With the agreement, patent related legal issues between the two was finally over.

In the agreement the Apple is required to pay some royalties to Nokia. Payment of royalty was done once before and will be paid continuously according to the agreement of both parties.

The two companies did not disclose how much the royalties to be paid Apple to Nokia.

But according to analysts at Deutsche Bank, Kai was quoted as saying PULSAonline Korschelt via BGR, it was reported that based on estimates Nokia will receive a fee of $ 608 million in compensation patents.

Not quite up there, Apple is also required to provide a royalty fee of 1% profit from sales of the iPhone.

With this level of sales growth continued to increase since the iPhone was first launched. It is estimated that funds amounting to $ 138 million per quarter or $ 550 million annually will flow into the pockets of Nokia as a royalty. Woow.



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