Friday, August 12, 2011

Update Symbian Anna untuk Nokia N8 Tingkatkan Kinerja Kameranya

After waiting so long, finally users of the Nokia N8 will be an opportunity to enhance the camera feature on cell phones these apiknya.

Via a Twitter post, Damian Dinning said that there is an update specifically for the N8 is in the works that will add some features N8 camera that was already brilliant it.

With this update, the ability to record video on a camera N8 currently at 25fps will be increased to 30fps HD video. Not only that, the autofocus on the camera N8 will work continuously to help the user change the focus in a dynamic video.

These two features, it will be included in Symbian OS update for the Nokia N8 Anna. Unfortunately, not known exactly when the release of Symbian Anna would come say hello to N8 users.

Here's the video that describes the difference between the Nokia N8 running with Symbian OS and Symbian Anna ^ 3.



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